The Last Lecture + Updates!

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FIRST…A quick update =)

1. Pharmacology is WOW!
Okay…pray for me yeah…

2. And I get a BIGGER WOW!
For no reason, I am having SORE EYES! Eewww!!!
And I am suspecting its the lab tables where we had
our pharmacology paper.

I know I should take responsibility for rubbing my eyes!
But yes! I am officially down with SORE EYES and I rushed
down to a clinic after dinner and accompanied by my dearest
buddy down to a clinic that opens till 10pm!

So that’s taken care off, I am on eye drops etc.

3. The Last Lecture

I was first exposed to this as a 21st birthday present,
it is a book that I get from my good friends in secondary.

Lindsay, Karene & Hwee Teng.

I finished the book within 2 days.

It is a book about Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams…

NOW, you do not have to spend 2 days to read the book,
it certainly worth the time…If you MUST! If You still have
dreams that excites you or you need a reminder that life
is not only about work or study….

I want to share with you a youtube link that I found about
the actual lecture recored.

Here is Randy Pausch with the Last Lecture:
[Just for you to know that this is in deed THE Last Lecture
for this young professor because he is diagnosed with
Pancreatic Cancer and is told that there is only about 6 healthy
months to come…]

He is still alive! =)
Here is his blog >>

My dear friends and readers to this blog, I want to share with you…
The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
By Randy Pausch

Let me know what you think, let’s
achieve our childhood dreams.

Are you ready to bring down the brick wall or
find a way to climb over?

Have a great week ahead!

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