JY 21st Birthday Party In Less Then In Less Then 48 Hours!

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It’s Party Time In Less Then 48 Hours!! =)

Before all the nitty gritty stuffs, I would like
to THANK YOU in advance!

Thank you for taking time to confirm and
in return your buffet is confirmed! =)

There is really going to be LOTS of Food! And I
really need your help to skip lunch or even breakfast
to tuck in! [Let me know what you think of the food]

Your attendance to tomorrow’s party really mean
alot to me and I have prepared something for you =)

For some you may laugh until your head drops and
rolls…Come and see for yourself!

It is not only about me, for without you…there is no
me! (Haha..okay I think that sounds cliche but really…)

Alright with that….Here is the info you need!

1. Please bring along your invitation card!

www.ChiaJiaYu.com Invitation

2. How to get to your place?


1. Alight at Toa Payoh take 235
2. Alight at the 3rd stop , cross the road
3. Walk towards your right, cross a small road
4. You should be able to see a Civil Defence Fire Post
5. Then you will see a playground under the block and you are there!

Oops! Yes take the lift to what is stated on the invitation =)


Hop on to a bus that takes you to Toa Payoh
Interchange =) And use the train guide above!

off my head, these buses goes to Toa Payoh…
157, 88, 143, 139, 73, 145, 8….I believe there
is more =)


Say Lor 6 instead of what is stated, don’t ask me
why but the cabby finds it easier to find the place =)


My sincere apologies first! Limited lots…There is a
multi-storey carpark nearby though =)

3. Attire?

Okay, as you know the theme stated is…Surf Up!

Come in your tees, spag, berms, shorts, fbts…

Or you can come in the colors…orange, blue…

4. What’s To Expect?

Prizes! =) Songs! And…haha…special video…

5. If you need any more info drop me a sms or
give me a call =)

Alright, that’s about it, got to do some final
touch ups! Love to see you tomorrow =)

Big Hugs!

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