Happy 21st Birthday!! =)

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I am officially 21 today!

Wow! For the past few days I was recovering
from the massive lag of sleep prior to the party
day on the 19th April.

It is all WORTH IT! =)

The party was blessed with a fine weather and
a very warm crowd of invited guests! Almost
95% turned up! I just double check with the
invitation list and check of a total of
ONE HUNDRED & NINETEEN Guests! Yes 119 Guests
who jammed packed the floors of the open corridor and
my home.

I am really appreciative of all who took time
off to attend the party. THANK YOU!

It really means alot to me =)

Now an announcement…to call for photos!! Please
email me if you have any taken at the party =)

I have uploaded the photos I have taken on my
camera, there are hundreds more to come.

For your viewing pleasure, I will be uploading them onto

>> http://www.facebook.com/people/JY_Chia/633358264

I would like top take this opportunity to thank
the following for making this party an impactful
and unique one, haha I believe we succeeded
in rocking the block!

Siblings & Cousins
Relatives & Friends!

You all rock! =)

Hmm I am contemplating if I should upload
the video created by the monsters that rolled
many heads on the floors when it was screened…

Hmm…we will see..haha!!

Alrights! Got to go for the actual day
birthday dinner =)

Note: It may be awhile before I update the blog
because exams are up next few weeks.

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