Bangkok Trip | NUS Nursing FOC 2008 | The Last Lecture

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Wow! It is really a looong time since
my last post.

Anyway here’s what I have been up to
all these while…

1. Bangkok Trip 13th July – 15th July 2008

It was OUR (the 6 monsters) maiden trip
via the aeroplane and I believe there will
be more to come =)

In summary: Food, Shopping +++, Massage


By the way, if you are staying near Baiyoke
area, there is a massage place near Baiyoke
Sky Hotel that is only 180 Baht per hour and
they are really good.

2. NUS Nursing FOC 2008

It was a blast! I was the “official” chauffeur,
but it feels good to be contributing to the
awesome planning that everybody chipped in
to make the camp a success.

For photos, please refer to my facebook account.

3. The Last Lecture

I only know it just from a friend’s blog that
Randy Paush has passed on. He co-authored
a book called The Last Lecture.

He gave a lecture at the university he was teaching
and its titled, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.”

To me, this is a video worth many views.

I have attached the videos here.

Watch it my friend:

On Oprah Wimbrey When Randy Was Interviewed:

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