About JY

JY Chia From The Desk Of JY Chia

Hi Friend! This is JY here and I would like to thank you for
reading my blog. It is my honor to share with you my

What Is My Name?
My full name is Chia Jia Yu. Chia is my family name and Jia Yu is the given name.
People call me JY too =)

Where Do I Live?
Sunny Singapore. It has been a cliche to describe Singapore as
sunny, whatever it is, it is Singapore and I love this place, the
place where I was born.

Why JY Chia “Blog Of Truths”?
“Blog Of Truths” has been a brainchild of mine. I have always
wanted to share some of the things that I know with people.

Student life, student on attachment, internet marketer,
daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend, buddy, these are
some roles that is in my portfolio and I believe you too
have some of these in yours.

This blog is about Truths Rants.

What Am I Doing Currently?
I am a full time Nursing Undergraduate studying
at National University Of Singapore.

A full time internet marketer.

And like I say, giving my best for my portfolio!

Do You Have Any Suggestions?
I love feedbacks and suggestions, if you have any
to improve the sharing on the blog, do shoot me
an email at jy[at]chiajiayu.com

That’s about it for a quick introduction, take
care and I will talk to you soon!

Step Up & Live Your Dreams!

JY Chia