21st Birthday Party!

RE: JY Chia 21st Birthday Party!

Hey! Thank you for taking your precious time off
to come to the blog.

I have indicated all the basic information on the
invitation card that you should have received.

I would really appreciate if you can reply and let me
know if you are coming =) I certainly hope you do!

The contact details are stated on the card.

Some of you are asking,”Am I suppose to come in
swim suit?” Hahaha…If you want to, sure!

Just joking!

Alright the party theme is: Surf Up!

Come in your comfortable tees and shorts or
berms, slippers etc.

Basically what you wear to the beach =)

I CANNOT guarantee you the sea and the sand…
Perhaps I will pluck a leave or two…haha..

Okay, I think this is a very important question that
I need to answer…

“What Birthday Present Do You Want?”

Yes! I am excited about your gifts but do not
start pulling your hair or burning your pockets!

Alright..I have given some suggestions under
my Wish List that you can see on the right.

I will list down my hobbies and likings so that
you can get more ideas =)


>> Reading non-fiction books:
Nursing related (Research Bookstore)
Alternative Healing
Marketing & Sales
Business success
Accelerated learning
Presentation skills
Personal development

>> Watching movies/dvds:
Meaningful (Eg. The Secret which I have watched +++)

>> Taking photos
of people, scenery, places

>> Going to Sentosa!
Kayak, cycling, sun-tanning!

>> Going to the airport, I like driving towards the
airport with rows of palm trees and the control
tower in view =)

What Do I Intend To Buy In The Next 6 Months?

>> Laptop! =) Waiting for NUS matriculation fair because they
pre-install with most of the latest softwaresl

>> Canon camera

That’s all for now!